Smashbox's Seychelles Pretty in Peep Toes Palette

Meet my new favorite palette, the Smashbox Seychelles Pretty in Peep Toes palette. Isn’t it pretty? The vintage packaging drew my eye to this palette, who can really resist a cute little pinup gal? Not me! 🙂 Once I was reeled in by the packaging, I discovered how gorgeous this little palette really is… it was love at first sight.


Just add lipstick and mascara and you have a complete look with this Smashbox Seychelles Pretty in Peep Toes palette. It features 1 cream eyeliner in a rich brown shade, 5 eyeshadows including 4 everyday-wear friendly shades and 1 funkier teal shade, a soft gold powder highlighter and a pretty peach blush. All of the products are richly pigmented, especially the teal eyeshadow… it packs a punch! The gold highlighter blends into the skin really well, it’s not the least bit chunky or glittery leaving a nice sheen on the skin. I love that this palette is versatile enough to give you a neutral, everyday look and a completely opposite, funkier, bolder look . See what I mean? Versatile…

If that’s not enough, when you’re done with the palette, take out the insert and you’re left with a mirrored checkbook in a soft pink shade and brushed gold buckle inspired by Seychelles. You can find the Smashbox Seychelles Pretty in Peep Toes online and at Nordstrom.

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  1. i need this. although i’d expect something like this from stila, not smashbox. but i still NEEEEEEEEED it.

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