Smashbox Naked Beauty: 'Highlights' Creamy Cheek Color

Smashbox has been making news lately – it was announced this week that the brand has been acquired by Estee Lauder. According to Estee Lauder, “Smashbox fits perfectly within our DNA.” Can’t argue there! We think Smashbox is a fabulous brand, that actually fits perfectly with our DNA too. Especially Smashbox’s ‘Highlights’ Creamy Cheek Color from the new Naked Beauty collection.

It’s really a very simple product that is perfection. Two equal halves – one part creamy highlighter the other creamy blush. The highlighter is a soft pink with minimal shimmer, so impossible to overdo, and the blush is a rosy pink. It’s actually like three products in one because when you blend the two together, you get a softer pink blush. You can also achieve dewy skin using using the highlighter on the high points of your face over a tinted moisturizer. Skip the setting powder and you’ve got a summery glow. I absolutely love this product!

3 thoughts on “Smashbox Naked Beauty: 'Highlights' Creamy Cheek Color”

  1. Elle – highlighter is a must! I use it to give my skin a glow or add dimension to my face. It helps sculpt the face when used along the cheekbones above the brow bone, along the bridge of the nose, above your cupids bow on your lip — basically every area of your face that catches the light:)

  2. I just got this too! I’ve used it every day since…love it. smashbox doesn’t get as much attention as mac but their products tend to be my favorites over more expensive or hyped brands. The highlighter is very subtle — you can only see it in certain light — but I guess that’s kind of the point!

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