Cloud Cream

Lately I’ve been looking high and low for anything that can calm my skin down. I’ve been battling some redness, dryness and acne that I’m desperate to get rid of. When I was given a sample of Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cream, I had hopes that this product would be the one I turn to from now on.

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream The first thing you notice about this cream is how it smells and feels. It’s got a nice citrus scent to it that I really enjoyed and it’s soft to the touch, almost fluffy. The texture of the cream is not heavy thanks to how airy it is. This product features peptides to relieve irritation, aloe to moisturize, oat extract to heal, vitamins A, B and E and other ingredients all aimed at comforting and healing stressed skin. Sounds good so far, right?

When I applied the product, it absorbed fairly quickly and my skin felt hydrated and smooth. This wasn’t what I expected for a healing cream but I still liked the way my skin felt and it did indeed soothe my irritated areas well. As for my skins appearance, I used this product for 4 days and I noticed a slight reduction in the amount of redness I was seeing prior to using the product but it did nothing for the dry, flaky patches I’ve been battling which is what I was really hoping to improve upon.

Even though it certainly calmed my skin down, I still need something more that Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cream is not doing for me. Howver, if my budget was not an issue and my skin issues were resolved, this is something I’d seriously consider as a regular moisturizer for drier, colder weather.