25 Years of Beauty with Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura 25th Anniversary Palettes I’m soooo late in posting about this but let’s file this in the “better late than never” category because this collection is fabulous… as is all Shu.

This June marked the 25th anniversary of Shu Uemura’s first Beauty Boutique in Tokyo. To celebrate this anniversary, the brand released their 25th anniversary collection featuring 3 fragrances and 3 palettes with packaging designed by Tokyo based artist Gwenael Nicolas. Even though this collection is a summer release, there are options you can work with for fall!

The first palette is the Fleur de Rose palette. This one is the more “go to” palette for me, the shades in it make for a few great everyday looks. This is the palette I was able to try out. Then there are the Fleur de Source and Fleur de Terre palettes which are both inspired by spring. The Fleur de Terre palette is down to earth with a few more “user friendly” shades but still manages to kick it up a little with the vibrant green and bright pink. Then finally the Fleur de Source features some great blue shades ranging from light blue to a more darker grayish blue. My favorite shade in this palette is the another vibrant green eyeshadow, it’s different than the one in the previous palette and gorgeous! This is the kind of palette you go for to have some fun with your eyeshadow.

These palettes are a little bit on the pricey side but the eyeshadows are they are what you come to expect from Shu Uemura, at least what I expect; richly pigmented shadows that blend like a dream! I’m a bit a beauty collector, meaning I buy things I’ll never use just to add them to my stash but palette is an exception.. I actually use it. 🙂

Shu Uemura 25th Birthday Perfume Along with these palettes, the brand released a limited edition Shimmer Liquid Eyeliner and a trio of perfumes in Fleur de Rose, Fleur de Terre and Fleur de Source to go along with the palettes.

I’ve tried each one of these scents and they are right up my alley, each one smells amazing. If you like warmer scents, these perfumes are worth experiencing and I think they would work well in the fall and into the winter. I was sent a bottle of the Fleur de Rose and as the name suggests, it does feature a rose note but it’s not over the top. It’s not an exaggerated rose, it’s a more natural rose mixed with amber. Then there’s Fleur de Terre, the earthier of the 3 scents. This scent features notes of Italian bergamot and rosemary. Finally, there’s the Fleur de Source. This scent is a spicier floral and it features notes of basil, papyrus and coriander. It may sound like ingredients in a spice cabinet but these notes work really well together here.

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