Silky, Long Lasting Shadow

I’ve never given much thought to powder eye shadow. I know that some stay on longer than others, some have more pigment or create different effects but I really thought it was all kind of the same. Until now. I was poking around Macy’s, vaguely scanning the makeup counters for something new and different. I found it at Shiseido.

Shiseido's TheMakeup Eyeshadow Quad Among all the beachy, bronzey, summer shimmer looks at every other counter, Shiseido’s collection of sorta wacky, very dramatic colors drew me in. Throwing caution (and my usual selection of brownish nude tones) to the wind, I dove into a compact of The Makeup Silky Eye Shadow Quad called Flora and Fauna. The colors seemed unwearable: dark forest green, pale lime green, buttercup yellow and peachy pink. I grabbed an applicator and dug it right into the palette – kicking up the creamiest powder shadow ever! The formula is so incredibly silky that my usual stroke across the pan pulled up more color than I’d wear in a week.

I tapped off the excess and began to apply the yellow shade over my entire eyelid. I couldn’t stop sweeping the applicator over my eyelid – it felt so good! I slid the dark green into the crease, the peachy pink right above it and used the light green to highlight my brow bone. The effect was not at all dramatic, just very pretty and wearable. And wearable it was! The shadows did not budge. Not even a little. Throughout the day, I would swipe a finger across my eyelids just to marvel at the lasting silkiness.

The Makeup Silky Eye Shadow Quad’s summer and core collections are still in stores, but look for their fall collection to hit shelves any moment.