Sephora's Jumbo 12HR Wear Waterproof Pencils a Hybrid Surprise

I tend to go a little wild with the bright blues in the summertime. I’m usually not so rigid in the “rules” of seasonal color, but anything in the realm of aqua blue is made to be worn in summer. It’s the perfect complement to blazin’ temps. One bold aqua blue that I have grown quite fond of is Sephora’s Jumbo 12HR Wear Waterproof Pencil in Turquoise. It reminds me of a hybrid of NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils and Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Eyeliners. These wear like iron on the lids — 12-hours is an understatement — and the jumbo pencil is a nice touch and gives some flexibility with application.

I think the Turquoise is a mesmerizing shade. These have a creamy look to them, but believe me when I tell you this is not going to shift around at all. I like to wear it along the lower lash line, because it stays so well. It’s definitely an attention-grabbing color, but just a subtle pop of it makes eye makeup so interesting!

Sephora release 14 shades in total, and the best part? They’re only $10! Definitely give these a second look the next time you make a vis it to Sephora — if Turquoise isn’t your thing, the Taupe and Khaki will make you swoon. Promise! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the printed bag shown above is a NEST travel pouch that I got from Birchbox (free with any $50 purchase).

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    1. Jamie, no creasing to speak of! I did test with a primer though (UDPP). But these might be good enough without for some — they are waterproof!

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