Sephora Makes a Statement with Prisma Chrome Eyeshadow

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? That’s the look of Sephora stepping up its makeup game in a BIG way. With the launch of Prisma Chrome Eyeshadows, Sephora is showing us makeup lovers that they’ve got what it takes to catch our attention. With that striking pattern, how could you not look twice?

Sephora Prisma Chrome is equal parts baked/powder and cream, intended to capture light and deliver a “prismatic” effect. The finish is smooth and the colors are true to form. We like what we’re seeing – in the pan and on the eye.

Of the 10 shades in total, we put three to the test: Shimmering Sand (#10); Gold Reflection (#20); and Purple Prisma (#40). Shimmering Sand is one of those lid-perfecting shades that makes you look like you spent much more time on your eye makeup than the actual 30 seconds you did. Gold Reflection is more yellow than it is metallic, and is very pigmented. As for Purple Prisma, I was expecting more of a vibrant purple, but the description calls for lilac, which is semi-accurate.

So, what’s the final verdict on Sephora’s BIG makeup moment?

On the plus side:

+ awesome wave pattern
+ strong color payoff
+ ease of use
+ staying power (all day with primer!)

A few cons to note:

– $15 price tag (same price as MAC eyeshadows!)
–  Packaging is a little bulky and shadow doesn’t seem totally secure in the pan (i.e. DON’T DROP!)

What are your thoughts on Prisma Chrome? Yay or nay?

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