Sephora Girls

The other day I get an email from my little sister asking me for some eyeliner. Normally, this wouldn’t be an odd request but the thing is, this girl is only 11 years old. I’m not quite ready to start sharing my stash with her but I don’t mind giving her some stuff that is a bit more age appropriate.

Sephora Girls Pearly Lipstick The Sephora Girls line is geared towards the “not quite ready for makeup” set, the girls just on the verge of raiding their big sister’s or mom’s makeup bag. I ordered this Pearly Lipstick for her in Strawberry, a light pearly pink. What’s great about this line is that the products are not overly pigmented, they are all designed to be sheer and they have a nice sweet scent to them. There’s just enough to give lips a bit of a glow. To top it off, isn’t the packaging cute? It’s almost like Hello Kitty and Sephora designed a product line together.

Isn’t it adorable? There’s also Glitter Lipgloss and Flavored Lip Balm. You can see the entire Sephora Girls line here. There are some great gifts for the younger gals on your list.