Take Care of Your Tools

…so that they take care of you. I’ve talked about this before in a podcast episode but now I feel that it bears repeating. It good to do this on a weekly basis so you can ward off any potential issues with bacteria. I learned my lesson recently so I’m going through my makeup to toss or disinfect what I can. I’m also cleaning my brushes so I thought I’d mention a few products I use.

Sephora's Brush Shampoo The first is moderately priced. Everyone and their mom has a brush cleaner out now but I prefer Sephora’s Brush Shampoo. I’ve tried some of those different brush cleaners and this one just seemed to give me a better lather when I spray it on the brushes. Instead of spraying the product on the brushes, wiping off the residue and rinsing as instructed, I like to get the brush wet, spray quite a bit of the product on each brush and lather away. I repeat this process a few times until the lather is free of any color. It can be used to quickly clean brushes as well with just a few spritzes but I prefer to take my time and really deep clean my brushes. After using this product, I put a little leave-in conditioner on my brushes, shape the hairs and lay them flat to air dry.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo The other product is as old school as you can get… Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. You can’t beat the price with this product, it’s the most cost effective way to care for your brushes. Whether it’s $5 for a 20oz bottle or even $1 for a trial size bottle, all you need is a little drop of this product so it will last forever. This shampoo is also great for brushes because it’s so gentle. With this product, I just do the same thing… a few drops on each brush, work up a lather and rinse. This shampoo also leaves a nice, gentle scent on my brushes. Nothing like using clean, soft smelling brushes in the morning to put on my face.

2 thoughts on “Take Care of Your Tools”

  1. Thank you for the brush cleaning reminder! I bought a new NARS brush over the holiday weekend. When I brought it home, the first thing I did was wash it with baby shampoo (my fav cleaner). To my amazement, the brush smelled like moth balls. It was completely disgusting. I took it back to Nordstrom for an exchange. Too weird. Anyone else experience a similar problem?

  2. Yes, I think I have. Not sure it’s the same exact smell, not sure how moth balls smell. Anyways it only happened with my LE MAC 5 PRO SH Brush Set. I believe they did smell a bit before I used them, but it definitely intensified after cleaning. But I do like the brushes, so I put up with a bit of the stench. Its weird, but it doesn’t happen to my regular MAC brushes.

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