Just Another Mani Monday: SensatioNail Coral Sunset Gel Polish

We spent last Friday night giving ourselves gel manicures with the SensatioNail Gel Polish system. After noticing how my mother’s nails looked like they were bleeding since she wouldn’t remove the leftovers of her red mani, I thought I’d try to convert her to gel. I was also trying to convert my aunt, who says nail polish does not last more than a couple days on her nails. So there we were, four gals gathered around a table with a LED lamp and some nail polish. We went with Coral Sunset, Purple Orchid and Taupe Tulips. These are my mother’s nails, nails I envy and I often complain to her that I did not inherit them. She’s wearing Coral Sunset, doesn’t it look gorgeous on her?

If you’re a fan of Shellac or other salon gel manicures, you’re going to want to learn more about SensatioNail. For the cost of two visits to a nail salon, depending how much your salon charges, you can pick up a SensatioNail starter set and get a gel manicure at home.

I was hooked on gel manicures from the moment I first experienced one but I haven’t had as many as I would like for one simple reason, this girl is on a budget! That all changed when I received a sample of SensatioNail’s starter kit. It comes in three shades; Rasberry Wine, Pink Chiffon and Scarlet Red and retails for $59.99. The set include a LED lamp, gel cleanser to clean your nail-bed, primer, base and top coat in one and accessories like wipes, a nail file and manicure stick. The products in the starter set will give you 10 manicures and when you’re ready for more, you can pick up an essentials kit and additional colors and keep on keeping on. That’s what I’ve done, since receiving my sample starter set with Raspberry Wine, I’ve picked up the essentials kit, the three shades we used last Friday and a removal kit. This removal tool is actually pretty handy!

I love that SensatioNail gives us a LED lamp with their starter set, this way I’m only curing the gel 30-60 seconds at a time with each layer. It is not wide enough to cure all five fingers on one hand at once but that’s a minor issue I am happy to put up with in the name of an affordable LED lamp, just cure both thumbs at once instead. I also love the glossy look on my nails even a week into my wear time. The rich gloss is there with every shade and with the metallic finish with some of the shades, the depth is just gorgeous. Purple Orchid is a good example of that.

The one thing about doing your own gel manicure at home that you should know is that it takes patience and practice. My gel manicures are not perfect but with each try, I’m getting better and better at it. If you look closely at mama Product Girl’s nails, there are a few bubbles here and there, we just didn’t feel like starting over when we noticed it and can live with it. Any gel formula requires thin coats and for me, a gal who tends to lay her nail polish on thick, it takes a few tries to get right. With that said, I still think it’s worth all the work. Before you know it, you can skip the salon altogether.

You can find SensatioNail in stores at Walmart and online. If you want to order online, I suggest you try Drugstore.com. From now until Saturday, you can get 20% off your order (and free shipping on anything over $25) on anything from the beauty department. Just use code BEAUTY20 during checkout.

Have you tried SensatioNaill? Or do you use a different at-home system? Let’s talk nails in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: SensatioNail Coral Sunset Gel Polish”

  1. Great review. I’ve been using this product for several months now and I love it. I also do my sister’s nails every 2 weeks, I can get closer to 3 or 4 weeks out of mine. If I tire of the color, I just polish over the gel with regular polish, this helps it last longer and I still have the strength of the gel on my nails. I still find removal a little difficult, but the new tool helps.

    1. Hey Marian! That is a really good tip, I need to check out the other colors and see if there’s a very plain nude. My nails tend to be on the weaker side and this definitely makes a good base!

  2. Gosh I so want one of these systems! I have become addicted to gel manicures too. But the thing that stops me is that I have quite a collection of regular polishes that I really like and want to wear. I just wish there was a set that let you use all the steps of gel manicures but when it comes time for color that you could incorporate regular polish…oh well I can dream! I do use regular polish over my gels during week 2 of my manicure just for a change up and it comes off nicely with non acetone remover and doesn’t harm the gel below! Maybe this is something I will ask “Santa” for!

    1. Hi Robin! There’s a coupon on the SensatioNail site too if you’re interested. Walmart does have it a bit cheaper. That would be really cool if that existed. I’ll ask Santa too. 🙂

    2. Robin you CAN use your old regular polish! This is what I do, first the primer, then the base coat, next (important) wipe the moisture layer off with the cleanser! Then apply two coats of your favorite regular polish, let dry, then add your top coat and cure!! I found that it doesn’t last quite as long as using all UV polish, but you can still use your favorites and have the strength of the gel!!

    3. Hey,
      There is a technique floating around youtube and beauty blogs called gelly sandwiching. Essentially you apply a gel base coat, cure under LED, apply regular polish of your choosing, let said regular polish dry COMPLETELY and then apply gel top coat and cure under LED. It doesn’t last as long as a full out gel mani, but it does last considerably longer than a regular mani.

  3. I love to get pedicures, but I want my toes and fingers to match, I was wondering is there a way you can use regular polish with the gel base & top coat and get the same results.

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