Saturday at Nordstrom

Last week, I was really looking forward to the annual Nordstrom Spring Trend show. They were unveiling the new Chanel Summer collection at their counters, featuring gifts with purchase for left and right and I’d get a makeover. What I thought would be a fun morning was really a little disappointing but hey, that’s the way it is sometimes.

Nordstrom A few things were disappointing that day. The first is that the “show” part of the event was not there and we didn’t even know until we got there. There was no explanation of this at all. Usually we’d watch a presentation featuring some speakers representing different lines and take part in some giveaways. We got there early to get a good seat for this but it turns out we could have slept in a bit more. Then I had my makeover at the Bobbi Brown counter. The execution wasn’t what I expected. I had 4 layers of product on my undereye area but yet my eyelids didn’t get as much attention. They used Long Wear Cream Shadow (love them!) but only applied some to my lower lid and brow bone… What about the middle? My eye had very little definition, which is what I wanted the most.

Nordstrom Beauty Gift with Purchase Finally, the gift with purchase. I already thought it was bad but then yesterday I get an email from Nordstrom promoting their online gift with purchase. If you spend over $100, you get a pink tote full of samples. You know what the gift with purchase was at the store? An empty pink makeup bag… that actually matches the tote they are giving away with an online purchase. Trend show events usually give you something for attending. I have a hat box and a train case from events like these. This empty makeup bag looks like a men’s shaving kit bag… only in pink. It just seemed in poor taste to make women spend $100 to get that, give us the same offer you give those buying online. That would have been much better, the gifts from individual counters were better than this and I spent less money to get them. Seeing this left me bummed out but I still love Nordstrom and Bobbi Brown.

What’s been your favorite and worst gift with purchase? I love the one I got from Laura Mercier on Saturday (more on what I bought coming soon). It was a cute little, faux brown snakeskin bag with deluxe samples of foundation, lipstick, exfoliator and shower gel. And I only had to spend $75 to get it.

2 thoughts on “Saturday at Nordstrom”

  1. aww…bummer…..backstage was where it was at @ this show for sure…next time you should stick your nose in the back!! lol……

    Did you get to try Bobbi’s raspberry rouge/lip color? oh yeah…love,love…..

  2. I am so sorry to hear that! Sounds like the event was just such a bust. Hopefully you’ll go to events that are much more fun in the future!

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