Make Mine a Double…Sasha Rhett Interchangeable Watches + Straps

“Thanks, it’s Sasha Rhett.” Four words that me and Emily uttered constantly while sporting these watches with colorful and textured interchangeable straps. Totally for the ADD crowd, let us tell you. Endless options. Sasha Rhett was created by a Harvard grad named Alexandra Daum. Between Birchbox co-founders Katia and Hayley, the Harvard Baseball team (a.k.a. Call Me Maybe boys) and Sasha Rhett we think Harvard might just be the birthplace of awesome.

“While I love color and prints, I love classic silhouettes as well. Women today demand a lot of their fashion purchases. They want items that serve multiple functions within their wardrobe, and of course they want high quality and affordability. With Sasha Rhett, you can buy a novelty watch in your favorite bright color for fun and swap it out for a neutral tone for maximum practicality.” – Alexandra Daum, founder of Sasha Rhett

I have a Sasha Rhett bracelet (you can see it here on my wrist with these Goody Double Wear hair ties), and I love how simple it is. Perfect for the minimalist jewelry types. We were curious about the adorable watches, and tested out the Rose Gold Round and Stainless Steel Rectangular, changing straps nearly every day because we could. Next to lip gloss, a watch is something I’m almost always wearing. Emily, too. Her left wrist is always adorned with the a classic Cartier with a thin black leather band. The Sasha Rhett Stainless Steel Rectangular timepiece is actually quite similar.

Loving the coral patent!

The straps are really easy to change. There’s two little ends the size of a needle that connect into the watch. We’re partial to the look of the double strap, though they are plenty of singles, too.

Top: Navy Snakeskin; bottom: Turquoise Ostrichd
The watches range from $199-$299 and additional straps from $65-$75. Our wish is that each watch came with a trio of straps. The fun is truly in changing these up!

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