Beauty VIP of the Week: Sarah Potempa "The Wrap-Up"

Meet Sarah Potempa’s “The Wrap-Up.” This bendy little contraption is the key to a perfect bun. Be it a chic top knot, a low bun or even a cute tousled, messy-ish “up-do,” The Wrap-Up can do it. Our first experience with Sarah Potempa and her brills Beachwaver Curling Iron (see here for our review) prompted us to immediately try every device she makes. Miss Potempa is the best thing to happen to my hair this year. The Wrap-Up is far easier for me to use than a sock to achieve the perfect bun. For the life of me, I cannot roll and tuck that sock. But I’ve mastered The Wrap-Up. It’s simple.

Or, you could just watch this video for a visual tutorial. I can’t get enough of this, which is why it is this week’s Beauty VIP. The proof is in the pictures….

  • You tie your hair back with some form of hair tie (I prefer the non-elastic twistbands) and then pry open the middle of The Wrap-Up.
  • Slot your pony through the insert and once at the end of your strands press it closed so it’s tight around your hair (*note: depending on your layer situation, where you press it closed may differ. The more layers you have, the more challenging this will be)
  • Begin wrapping it upwards towards your head, grabbing loose strands and layers along the way.
  • Tuck the ends of The Wrap-Up inwards tightly and then position your hair around it to form that bun shape.
  • Bobby pin if needed any loose hairs.

Rocking the low-bun with a few loose tendrils.

The best top knot ever.

You know you wanna staring wrapping it up now. Happy to report The Wrap-Up is a very budget-friendly $12.

4 thoughts on “Beauty VIP of the Week: Sarah Potempa "The Wrap-Up"”

  1. Not something a girl with a short, fluffy bob can use, but your hair looks fabulous. I shall recommend this to my long-haired chums.

  2. Is it only available on line or can it be purchased in particular stores?? Looks great on you Laurie!

  3. these are knock-offs of the old kwik-buns and there are plenty of uber-cheap copies of the said kwik-buns on ebay already. i love them, they have nice quality and sell for only two or three dollars for 4 pieces.

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