Facial Wax in a Wand

Usually I use the Poetic Waxing kit from Bliss to do some of my waxing but I have to admit, it can be rather inconvenient at times. Who wants to wait by the stove while their wax warms up?

Sally Hansen's Lavender Spa Wax Facial Wand I found an alternative in Sally Hansen’s Lavender Spa Wax Facial Wand while I was browsing the aisles at Ulta the other day. What’s unique about this product is that the wax comes in a wand that you can put in the microwave for 30 seconds then glide over the area to be waxed. As an added bonus, this wax contains lavender so it has a much more attractive scent than your regular wax and it helps prevent irritation. It comes with wood spatulas, little waxing guides for your brows, azulene oil and cloths to remove the wax.

When I started using the wand, the lavender colored wax was a little alarming at first as it didn’t seem to dry or harden as like other waxes do but don’t let that deter you, that was just my experience. When I went to remove the wax though, it performed pretty well to my surprise and cleaned up nicely. It didn’t cause a mini-breakout either so I was happy with that. Even though the packaging is convenient and you can just glide it on, I found it easier and cleaner to just use on of the wooden spatulas. It allowed me to be more precise with applying the wax.

This is definitely something I will buy again and keep on hand for those times I don’t feel like waiting by the stove for my usual wax to warm up. The price point is good and I still can’t get over the packaging. It’s worth a shot for those of you who do your waxing at home.