Rosie Jane Leila Lou Perfume


Rosie Jane is introducing her first fragrance this month. Inspired by the birth of her daughter Leila, she wanted something to instantly make her feel fresh and clean so she created Leila Lou.

Leila Lou features notes of nectarine, pear, jasmine, vanilla, cotton and musk. From the moment I put on Leila Lou, all I could think about was the pear note I smelled in the opening. If you love pears, you would love how this perfume opens. It’s sweet and mouth watering like biting into a juicy ripe pear. Perhaps a little too sweet at first but that doesn’t last long. Soon you’re into the middle of the fragrance and you’re left with a fruity floral with the nectarine and pear mingling together. Then finally towards the end of the wear, all you smell is clean… just as Rosie Jane intended. The cotton note carries it through to the end of the wear with a hint of vanilla and musk.

Rosie Jane’s  Leila Lou also appeals to the frugalista in us all with a “Give Back” program. If you return 3 empty bottles, you will get your next bottle free!

If you’re a fruity floral gal, this perfume is for you. My only wish was that I had heard about it sooner. 🙂 When I was searching for a summer fragrance a few months ago, this would have been perfect. At least when the weather is getting to me, I can put this on and pretend it’s summer.

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  1. i love this scent… we sell it where i work…and its so uplifting…i love putting it on! great way to start your day!

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