Get the Brow: Rooney Mara

What started as an appreciation for the extreme transformation into Lisbeth Salander has grown into a mild obsession with Rooney Mara. I was a little peeved with her “diss” on her Law & Order SVU appearance when reading the January Allure, but I got over that after I saw her in action in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I’m fully on-board the Rooney Mara train now.

Her bone structure is enviable, and her brows inspirational. And her showing at the Golden Globes was one of my favorites. Put the tweezers away immediately, and don’t look back. While I’m sure Mara’s fierce brows are partially due to great genes, we can all enlist some help keeping our brow growth in check. One option to keep the unruly hairs looking by design is a brow gel. We recommend per-fékt beauty brow perfection gel, which acts as a brow pencil, powder and sealant in one tube. Three color choices, in addition to clear, and a formula that contains glycerin, honeysuckle flower and sage extracts, means this can work for everyone.

Are you in for bold brows in 2012?