Beauty VIP of the Week: RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up

I apologize ladies, I’m a little late last week’s Beauty VIP of the Week but I love this little gem so much that I didn’t want to wait until next week.

One of the beauty lines I am obsessed with right now is RMS Beauty, an organic based makeup line from make up artist Rose-Marie Swift. She is known as supermodel Giselle’s makeup artist. It is not readily available, it is only in a few states but you can order direct or from e-retailers like Spirit Beauty Lounge and Futurenatural. Sign-up for their mailing lists, both retailers often email subscribers with discount codes. This line is one of the reasons I’m excited about The Makeup Show in New York in May because I intend on stocking up hardcore.

In particular, RMS Beauty’s “Un” Cover-Up has been rocking my world. I completely overlooked this product when I first heard of the brand but all it took was one rave from a friend formerly in beauty PR to know it was good and worth wanting immediately. This product can be used as a concealer or as a foundation and it comes in a .20oz pot for $36. It is a small pot for a product that can moonlight as foundation but Un Cover-Up performs tricks like a magician.

The product’s consistency is thick but it is very rich and concentrated. Once you warm it up, a slight dab in the pot is enough to cover a sizable area, I only need to dip into the pot about 3 times to get the coverage I need. Even though this product only comes in 3 shades, my #11 is great as a concealer and foundation on me because it blends seamlessly. I don’t use it on my entire face, just on the areas I feel need a little enhancement.

Wearing Un Cover-Up is like wearing an invisible mask, I often forget I have it on because it feels really light on the skin. It does a great job of hiding my dark circles and camouflaging my redness with medium coverage that melts into your skin. Sometimes, I can’t even tell where I applied it. It gives long lasting coverage as well. Once I apply it, I set it with some powder and I’m good to go. I do need a touch up if I’m going out after work but otherwise, this is all I need. It’s definitely the longest lasting natural concealer/foundation I’ve used.

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  1. Oooh! Concealer or foundation?? Sounds cool :). Do you know if they sell RMS at Sephora? Would LOVE to buy it.

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