Long Lush Lashes

I am a mascara addict. I try every new one that comes out in the market – therefore, I have yet to remain loyal to one because there is always a new one coming out! So, during one of my favorite trips to the Target makeup section, I came across a new Rimmel Mascara, called Lycra Lash Extender. Being a fan of Rimmel’s Eye Magnifier Eye Opening Mascara, I was excited and ready to try this one.

Rimmel Lycra Lash Mascara Lycra Lash Extender promises 60% more length and 50% more curve. This mascara contains lycra (hence the name) – yes the same lycra that makes our jeans fit so great. This mascara definitely delivers. I have very sparse, short lashes and this one gives the illusion of fake, long lashes. I like to put on multiple coats, but even after just 2 coats, you will see the difference. My lashes remained soft, not hard and flaky throughout the night – but most importantly Longer and Thicker. The brush is called a “stretching” brush, but looks like a normal mascara brush to me, yet is very comfortable to hold. This mascara comes in black and brown. I always pick a black shade and this one was not overpowering at all. All in all a good new mascara to add to the collection.

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  1. I like this one as well, it is one of my faves. I also like Maybelline Define-a-lash which works just as well and is cheaper to boot!

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