Drugstore Steal: Revlon Suede Rhapsody Multi-Use Palette

Revlon’s Multi-Use Palette, part of the brand’s new Suede Rhapsody collection, is an interesting contraption. It’s a pocket-sized palette packed with five multi-use cream products for eyes, lips and cheeks. When I say pocket-sized, I really  mean it. But I’m really liking all that Revlon crammed in here and think these cream products perform surprisingly well.

While not an exact replication, the orange cheek color reminds me of NARS Multiple Tint in Turks & Caicos. And the creme colored highlighter makes for a perfect layering partner. The red stain, labeled for lips, is also a great cheek stain. In fact, I like it better on my cheeks than I do on my lips. As for the cream eye shadows, they are fairly sheer on the lids, but held up all day long over primer and under  powder eye shadow. Overall, the verdict: for $6.99, this palette is a steal!

2 thoughts on “Drugstore Steal: Revlon Suede Rhapsody Multi-Use Palette”

  1. hey I got one of these..these r soo cool. mini sized..just right for my petit bags. Also. I love the cheek color its creamy yet very smooth. i like the way it looks on me.
    N the mini window on the top is such a cool idea..simple yet so effective..I lOove it.
    Would definitely like to see more stuff like this lil bundle of makeup. good stuff!!!

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