Revlon + Product Girl and the "New" Cat Eye (and another awesome giveaway!)

Another installment of Product Girl and Revlon taking on beauty trends is here! And I’m really excited about this one because we cover one of my go-to eye liner looks: the “new” cat eye. I call it the kitten. It’s just a slight wing that is so subtle, hence the kitten name. It’s so flattering and eye opening for my eye shape and one of those trends that I think is really wearable for most women. It’s not as dramatic as a full on cat eye, so work it for daytime or anytime for that matter.

Filming this video was also exciting because the three products were all new. It’s fun to test and create with something for the first time! Products used in this video include:

  • Revlon ColorStay Whipped™  Crème Makeup  
  • Revlon® ColorStay™ Crème Gel Eye Liner  
  • Revlon® ColorStay Overtime™ Lengthening Mascara

Oh, ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup. What can I say about that? I love the luxe packaging, the formula and the way it looks. I used the shade Ivory, which is a little light for me in the summer, but nothing a dab of bronzer couldn’t deepen. I can see this being one of my staples come winter when my skin is craving more moisture.

Have you had a chance to try the Whipped Crème Makeup yet? If not, perhaps this is your chance! Revlon is giving 10 away to Product Girl readers. To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us how you like to wear your eye liner (any kitten fans?!) We will pick winners Friday, July 20. Note: we heard from Revlon and they are supplying 10 light shades of the Whipped Crème Makeup (either Ivory or Buff).

For more “new” cat eye looks, click on over here to see the other Revlon bloggers in action.

NOTE: Click on the video image above to watch on YouTube. We encountered some embedding challenges — must be Friday the 13th!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Revlon has contracted us to develop videos each month to highlight trends on

34 thoughts on “Revlon + Product Girl and the "New" Cat Eye (and another awesome giveaway!)”

  1. I wear a kitten eye almost every time I wear liner; in fact I can’t remember the last time I didn’t wing it out. Sometimes when I keep trying for symmetry, my kitten eye grows into a cat eye but I like both looks.

  2. My go-to eyeliner look is tightlining my top lashes! Enhances the eyes without being noticeable, awesome for a natural look 😀

  3. I have bags under my eyes so i prefer to not line the lower lash lines. I would have loved to wear kitten eyes but i wear glasses so in general elaborated eye liner styles can’t really show in my case 🙁

  4. I love gel liner on the upper lid. I didn’t know Revlon had a gel liner, I can’t wait to try it!

  5. I am a big fan of gel liner (just converted my Mom). They are perfect for the upper lid, but I also like using them to get a nice, smudgeable line on the lower as well. (Sometimes I like to go with a VERY dark, lined eye.)

  6. Kitten eye pretty much everyday for me, I agree with you, it just gives my eyes the perfect shape & isn’t as intense as a full on cat eye. Thanks for the giveaway! You look stunning btw! 😉

  7. I use gel liner and do a kitten eye everyday. I would love to try the new whipped makeup!

  8. Still perfecting the subtle kitten eye, but when I’m in a rush I hint at this same effect with my pencil liner.

  9. I would love to finally figure out how to do a kitten/cat eye! For now, I use a slightly creamy liner pencil, make a line going from thin to thicker at the ends of my eyes, and take a stiff brush to even it out and also use it to wing out the end.

    I’ve never tried whipped foundation and wonder how it will look on me!

  10. i would love to try the new foundation! i wear my eyeliner as a line on my upper lash line, no where else.

  11. I think I’ve actually been rocking the “kitten” eyeliner look for a few years now. I never liked the super dramatic winged look— however, I noticed just a tiny wing at the ends tended to open up my eyes and accentuate what little almond shape to them I have. 🙂

  12. I love the new whipped, it’s great. My favorite is a thin angled eyeliner brush dipped in water then over a shadow along the lashline. This gives a clean and lush look to the eyes and eylashes.

  13. I’ve tried to do winged liner a million times but for some reason I just can’t get it to look right. Therefore I just do a thin line on my top lashes with a dark brown pencil liner. Good enough for me!

  14. I do a med line on the top and then very fine line on the bottom and I like to smudge it like a smoky eye effect

  15. I usually just do an upper tightline with a 2/3 line underneath my lashes during the day. For nighttime, I keep the tightline and add a thin upper lid line with a cat-eye flick. Thank you for the new giveaway!

  16. I am for sure a cat-eye kinda girl!!! I wear a thin one on a daily basis.. go thicker for some drama on special occasions and kick it up a notch using a bright colored eyeliner!

  17. Just a little on the upper lid for an evening look – I am monolidded so eye makeup is tricky!

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