Beauty Hawaiian Style

Carla’s love for all things Suki has inspired me to be more open about the brands of makeup and skincare that I try – namely, she’s made me consider trying out organic and natural products. So on my last shopping trip, I bypassed the pretty jars with familiar labels and reached for one from Reviva Labs – the Hawaiian Seaweed Mask.

Reviva Labs takes credit for introducing exfoliation via facial peels, and the joys of elastin, to the American skincare market. They don’t test on animals and their products can be found in better health food stores and retailers such as Ulta.

Reviva's Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty MaskThe Hawaiian Seaweed Mask promises to simultaneously deep clean and hydrate your skin. It’s formulated to work on any skin type but is especially effective on combination skin. It’s supposed to normalize skin to create the right oil/moisture balance. The ingredient list is impressively short and leads off with purified water and Hawaiian seaweed, Kaolin and Bentonite (clays).

The mask is a nice Army green and smells like, well, your typical clay. It also smears on smoothly – sometimes clay masks get a little dry and crumbly. Not so with the Hawaiian Seaweed Mask. The label suggests leaving the mask on your face for 30 minutes. I was a little worried that leaving it on so long would result in irritation and redness, so I checked myself out every 10 minutes. No problems. After washing the clay off, I was pleasantly surprised at the improved texture of my skin – very smooth and soft. It felt hydrated and clean – just as promised.

Overall, I’m excited that Reviva Labs delivered – I’ll be trying a few more of their all natural products in the future.