Just Another Mani Monday: Rescue Beauty Lounge Poco a Poco

This week’s mani was done with Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Poco a Poco, a shade I am so obsessed with lately that I’ve been wearing it for 2 weeks now despite the issues I have run into. I’m not the kind of gal that usually goes crazy for a pink nail polish, you may remember that I’m more of a red gal, but this shade speaks to me.

Poco a Poco means “little by little” in Spanish and little by little, this shade changes to reveal another facet of itself. In the sun, this shade is a soft, neutral pink with gold sparkling through. In the shade, it is a murky muted mauve that I find chic and elegant with my skin tone. This shade is my favorite from RBL’s newest Firebird collection.

Application wise, this was the first time I had a hard time with a RBL shade. When I try to do thin coats, it becomes thick and hard to work with. To get around that I pick up more polish and try to even it out but then it doesn’t seem to level out completely. I’ve found Poco a Poco works best for me when I apply thicker coats of it, it is also less streaky that way. While two thick coats works for me, a third is tempting to cancel out any streaking.

With that said, these are issues I will gladly put up with to wear this gorgeous shade. Perhaps it was just my bottle, at least I hope so. This is a shade I’m very tempted to order back ups of, I don’t recall seeing a shade like this in any other line. Do you?

What’s on your nails this week? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Just Another Mani Monday: Rescue Beauty Lounge Poco a Poco”

  1. Right now I am wearing Cool Couture from Maybelline which looked grey in the bottle with a little green shimmer to it and
    when in natural sunlight turns a pretty pine green! But I am waiting with bated breath for my new Chanel Les Jeans polish to arrive! Should be today! I ordered Coco Blue and skipped the other two and picked up Peche Nacree!

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