Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic Ironic Collection

When the pre-order sale was announced for the Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic Ironic collection, I jumped all over it. Having seen the swatches at All Lacquered Up and Karlasugar’s video on the collection, I knew I wanted it in my possession immediately so I placed my order and waited patiently for my order to be filled.

This RBL spring collection was inspired by what Ji saw coming down the spring/summer runways, which she says was a bit schizophrenic. She named the collection Iconic/Ironic to “juxtaposition every version of yourself.” The range these shades span definitely live up to the collections name.

Here’s what is included in this collection:

I ordered all of the shades except Iconoclast, I’m not really a black nail polish gal, at least not yet. The remaining three shades spoke to me though, especially Insouciant and Decorous. I swatched these and photographed them in the sunlight because I wanted you to see the nuances in these shades, with my favorite shade Insouciant in particular. In the sun you pick up on the blue microfine glitter and indoors you don’t. Recherche is the only shade in the collection that is a crème.

Formula wise, its exactly what I expect from Rescue Beauty Lounge. It is easy to apply with all of these without cuticle drags and 2 coats gave me full, even coverage. I could not be happier with my selections.

If you want any of these shades from the Iconic/Ironic collection, act quickly. Word is its selling fast!

5 thoughts on “Rescue Beauty Lounge Iconic Ironic Collection”

  1. I’ll have to check this brand out! I’m not a huge fan of the colors portrayed though. Hope they have bright colors.

  2. i like these colors together, they are really pretty! if my nails were longer, i might do recherge on the main nail and french tip with insouciant 🙂

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