Report Footwear "Burna" Flats

This past weekend I discovered ballet flats. You may be thinking “yeah, they’re old news” but to me, it’s brand spanking new. As a gal who spends most of her time in Birkenstocks or Fitflops (no judgment!), I always thought ballet flats were not for me. I have wide feet and sometimes they do not look cute at all stuffed into a pair of ballet flats.

This weekend I was browsing the sale rack at Nordstrom and saw these Report Fernley flats in Gold so I tried them on. I was shocked that a) they looked good on my feet and b) that they were so comfortable. That started a hunt for new ballet flats, I almost picked these Report Lilburn flats up but what I’m really coveting right now are these Report Burna flats, aren’t they adorable? They are made out of canvas and have this great little peep toe to them so you get just peek of that spring pedi. I tried these on in Coral and just fell in love with them but didn’t cave on them just yet. I’m taking this ballet flat relationship slowly! These are the perfect shoes to guide me out of Birkenstock/FitFlop land.

Do you have a favorite ballet flat? Tell me all about it in the comments. I’ve already been checking on Corso Comos, Me Too, Bloch and Rocket Dog flats.

7 thoughts on “Report Footwear "Burna" Flats”

  1. Those are really cute. I have bought and returned so many ballet flats trying to find some that aren’t to narrow for me. Did they run true to size?

  2. I’m totally with you on the new/old ballet flat discovery. I just go into them at the end of last summer! LOVE those coral flats, so cute for spring!


  3. Birkenstocks? Shame on you Carla! I’m glad you’ve over to the ‘bright’ side and embraced flats! There are so many cute ones out there and I too have found Nordstrom Rack to be a great source. As far as brands, I couldn’t tell you which ones I have in my closet, but I do have a pair of red flats with a touch of red glitter just around the edge–I can them my Dorothy shoes and a pair of black with silver studs all around. I can’t even remember how many I have I’ve been in boots for so long!

  4. I love flats because I can barely walk in heels, and these are really cute. I usually shy away though from peep toe or open toe sandals because I have no big toenails, so to me it looks weird. Though I’m sure others wouldn’t notice (unless I try to put nailpolish on my remaining nails ^^ lol). I don’t have a big shoe collection because I have no real expendable cash. I just own one pair of nice heels, some casual heels, running shoes and boots.

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