It's an Optical Illusion

I’m all about quick fixes and easy to use products. I’ve already confessed that most of the time my daily makeup wear consists of what I manage to put on at stop lights or while I’m waiting in line at the Starbucks drive-thru on my way to work. I know, that’s bad but I promise that I do it up when it counts.

Redpoint Optic Effects Eye Pencil Redpoint’s Optic Effects Eye Pencil is a great way to easily transform your eyes in hurry. It features different pigments all marbled in one to brighten and define eyes then a blender to help bring it all together. The shades in this pencil vary from a soft white to varying shades of green all with light reflecting particles.

This pencil has certainly made my life easier lately. I’m keeping it in my purse and whipping it out when I need to give my eyes some definition in a hurry. I just take the pencil and gently trace it along my eye’s natural crease. Then I blend a little with my fingers, I prefer this over the built-in blender, and I’m ready to go. I have a look that has some color to it so I can get out of the neutrals but still manages to be somewhat subtle. Even better, I tracked one day’s wear to over 12 hours with much of the color still in tact. There was some creasing but without primer on my kryptonite lids, I’d say that was pretty good.

That’s not to say I’m perfectly happy with Redpoint’s Optic Effects Eye Pencil. There are some things I’d tweak if I could. It would be nice if the product was a little creamier. If forget my eye cream, I have a harder time applying this product but once I warm it up a bit it works better. My other issue is that it’s a little tricky to reproduce the same results each time given that the color is marbled. It would be nice to see some more defined areas in this product, maybe one side to highlight and one to define? Overall, this product will remain in my purse for some time to come.