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In just a few short days, I’ll be transported from a likely rainy, cold Chicago to the warm, sunny beaches of Hawaii. I’m trying to downplay the excitement around my coworkers and friends, because well, it’s going to be rainy and cold the entire time I’m gone. Trying to be a gracious vacationer!

I need to get to packing, and like any beauty junkie, I’m thinking of what makeup I’m going to bring! There’s usually a three-step process that happens when I go to pack makeup for a vacation:

1) Sort through makeup bag and lay my vacation makeup on the counter – thinking the whole time I’m being practical with my selections.
2) Step back and see that I’ve selected 20 eyeshadows, 8 blushes and 10 lipglossees and realize that I haven’t been selective enough.
3) Start again, this time paring down to a reasonable amount of makeup that gets to come with on vacation.

Are you guilty of doing this too?

All that said, I still like to feel like I have options. For this I go to my palettes and multi-tasking products. Here’s what will defintely be making the trip with me to Hawaii.


The NARS Multiple Duo in Maui/Palm Beach. This gives me a pinky blush and a bronzer, plus it travels really well because it’s a sleek, rubber compact.


This Glitter Lip Gloss Palette from Bobbi Brown’s holiday collection is perfect for travel. I happen to love these glosses for one, and I have four options to choose from!


This is a must – need I remind you how long it has been since I’ve seen the sun? I do live in Chicago, we have the highest rate of Vitamin D deficiency in the country! Plus, this sunscreen doubles as my primer and never irritates my sensitive skin.


I like eyeshadow options and this Tarte Femme Fatale palette will serve me well. I have soft colors, deep neutrals, bold shimmers – yeah, I’m set with this one.

What are your travel beauty musts? Share any tips you have – after all my travels, I still don’t have this down to a science!

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  1. i usually narrow it down to just the products i need for one awesome “look” and go with that. makes it easier to get ready on vacation mornings too so i can enjoy my time at my destination more.

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