Product Girl Must-Haves – October


Being the beauty addicts we are at Product Girl, it’s always fun to show you what products really rock our world. In that vein, I wanted to share with you what has dominated my makeup bag this past month. October really flew by, and these products were with me every step of the way.

MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Face Mask – This was released with MAC’s Style Black collection and my face loves this mask. I use this about twice a week (trying to ration it!) after I exfoliate and the combo leaves my skin so soft and I swear it helps keep blemishes at bay. And since it is a thermal mask, it heats up a bit when you wash it off. Not too much heat, but a nice refreshing sensation.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Silk Road – For me, this was a sleeper hit of the NARS Fall collection. It’s a very unassuming color combo – an icy pink and a warm rose gold with gold glitter. I immediately liked it but didn’t realize how much I would love it. The icy pink is so pretty as a lid or highlighter shade and the rose gold is beautiful on the lid, the crease –just about anywhere.

Bobbi Brown Metallic Long Wear Cream Shadow in Black Pearl Carla convinced me this was a must-have and she wasn’t kidding. I typically layer over my cream shadows, but not this. I pat it on my lid and it stands alone. Not only is it stunning…but it’s easy.

Cover Girl Lash Blast Length mascara – I’ve been on board the Lash Blast train for awhile – since the original orange tube launched. I love these mascaras – they work well for me. I see LBL as a very reliable mascara – it may not do much for thickening and volumizing, but it does lengthen my lashes, keep my curl and it never clumps or flakes.

Stila Kitten Smudgepot – Brilliance in a pot. This product has earned a permanent home in my makeup bag. I can use this on its own when in a hurry, but I love to use this as a base or on the inner corners of my eyes. It never creases and it isn’t as frosty as its powder sister. Basically, everyone needs this.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation – I owe you guys a proper review on the new NARS foundations (Sheer Glow and Sheer Matte) because I love them both. But I’ll just say that if you have oily skin, uneven skin tone and/or are breakout prone, this foundation could become your new BFF. Yeah, it’s good. That good.

MAC Dazzleglass Creme in My Favorite Pink – I practically camped out at the MAC counter in anticipation of the Dazzleglass Cremes. And while I didn’t go as ga-ga over them as I thought I would, I did develop quite the affection for the shade My Favorite Pink. It’s bright pink, glittery and slightly creamy. Pretty much a sure thing in my book.

What about you? Any loves for the month of October? Do tell!

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  1. PeaceLoveLipgloss – I’m oily too! I always use some type of base or primer on my lids, but these can stand on their own. Plus, they’re so shimmery and glam. I will be rocking it at holiday parties this year, and to work on a random Tuesday…I have no rules:)

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