The Product Girl 2011 Holiday Letter

You know how you have those distant relatives that insist on sending holiday letters every year filling you in on all the mundane details of their children’s lives? I secretly love those. I find that with photo cards, and probably Facebook, the holiday letters are few and far between each year. To honor the great art of holiday letter-ing, we’ve developed our own at Product Girl. From us to you, our thoughts on 2011.

Dear Product Girl readers,

First, you are awesome. While most of this letter will be about us, it’s pretty important to note that without you, a lot of these things would not have happened.

The year kicked off on awesome note when we were named a finalist in the Readers Choice Skincare Awards for best beauty blog. That calls for a retrospective “woot woot!”

If I could, this photo of me and MARK RUFFALO would have been my actual holiday card. Except my husband vetoed the idea. So consider it the official image of this letter. I seized the day at the Independent Spirit Awards in February to say hello to the Mr. Ruffalo (wonderful actor and from my hometown!), and am forever thankful to Aveeno for the opportunity.

Speaking of Aveeno, Product Girl spent the year taking part in the Aveeno Ambassador program. We are huge fans of the brand, and enjoyed getting to know the products and the people that make them a little bit more. At the Independent Spirit Awards, Aveeno and RecycleBank kicked off their Be An Active Natural Program, and solicited pledges from people to be more environmental conscious. Throughout the life of the program this year, they collected more than 260,000 pledges. Not too shabby, Aveeno.

Being the makeup lovers we are, we were happy to attend a few industry events. Carla and I had a blast in New York at The Makeup Show in May, and Carla hit up CosmoProf in Vegas during the summer.

In October, we were thrilled to see that SHAPE Magazine nominated Product Girl as one of the Top 20 Beauty Blogs for Active Chicks. What an honor! We were definitely in great company, and so happy to be included.

And not to bury our lead, but Product Girl has been going through some changes. Carla accepted a new job with her favorite retailer in an industry she is so knowledgeable about and is specializing in her area of expertise [large corporation that begins with a “N” based in Seattle + beauty + social media]. She’s truly pursuing her dream, and we couldn’t be happier for her. (That last line was so holiday letter, right?!) For you as a reader, this means that you get a lot more of me, and a side of the people closest to Carla. Her best friend Autumn , and her sisters Vania and Kayla are contributing to Product Girl! And of course we have our new style contributor Emily, who is also all kinds of awesome. We think it’s going to be a great 2012!

From all of us at Product Girl, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a fabulous start to the New Year!


Photo credit (top): Flickr, Warrenski, Creative Commons

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