It’s Like Buttah

I’ve talked about Product Body products before. I’m a big fan of this line and I’m really happy that Joanna is getting some much deserved attention. She’s inspired me to play around and try to make my own products. Don’t worry though, I will not be competing with anyone, this is just my own experiment. I’ll talk more about this in the podcast tomorrow.

Butterscrub If body scrubs are your thing, you should give Product Body’s Butter Scrub a try. I had actually never tried a sugar or salt scrub until this one and now I’m in love. I use this product when I need a little pick me up. This scrub smells delicious, with all ingredients like cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and sugar, you could almost be mistaken for a Hershey bar. My favorite thing about this product is how soft and smooth it leaves your skin, it exfoliates skin like a dream. A few words of caution, be careful! This stuff can be slippery so you may want to have something handy that can cut through the oils. I couldn’t think of a better way to end the day though.