Priori and Pumice, a Savior for the DIY Pedicure

One of the most annoying things is getting an amazing pedicure and two days later having dry and callused heels. But sadly, this is life as I live it.  It helps that I live in Chicago, where sandal season is a small sliver of the year. Nonetheless, I upkeep my beat feet obsessively. After years of scrubs, creams and the ped-egg (which my podiatrist scolded me for using), I’ve finally discovered the secret to smooth heels: Priori Advanced AHA Invigorating Face and Body Scrub and a pumice stone.

Priori’s scrub is an anti-aging powerhouse, with lactic acid as the leading ingredient. It actually makes perfect sense to use this on your feet, as it deeply exfoliates skin multiple layers deep. I use it a few times each week by rubbing it into each foot and letting it sit for a moment before I take the pumice stone to my heel. It takes care of all that skin build-up and gives me the feet I wish I had. At $64, this scrub is not cheap, but I find the expense to be worth it completely and it’s the equivalent of just two pedicures. It can be used everywhere, and trust me, if it does that for just my feet, think of what it does for the entire body! It gives me that brand new girl feeling. 🙂

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