New! Prescriptives Lustre Collection


Prescriptives is lighting up the holiday season with their new Lustre collection. This collection is stunning and gives me an instant boost of holiday spirit. It’s just.sooo.pretty!

Here’s what it includes:

Lustre Baked Eye Color Quad – Features four lustrous, baked eye shadows that will give a sheer and sparkly look. There are two limited-edition quads packaged in a snowflake-adorned compact!


Warm:  Golden White, Goldshimmer, Copper, Bronze


Cool: Pink Pearl, Metallic, Rose Gold, Spiced


Lustre Shimmer Cheek Color – This luminous blush, available in warm lustre and cool lustre, impart subtle tones of golden peach and dusty rose.

Magic Liquid Powder – Oh thank you Prescriptives for making your famous ultra-lucent, cooling powder available in a special Rose Gold shade for the holiday collection. This powder will give leave you with a pinkish-gold glow. Am-az-ing.

Colorscope Lipcolor – Two new shades of this moisturizing lip formula are available, Bronze Lustre and Berry Lustre

Moonbeam Reflective Gloss – Two new shades of this light-reflecting gloss are included in this collection, Rose Gold (warm) and Ruby (cool).

Moonbeam Reflective Eyeliner– To create the Lustre look, Prescriptives suggests using the Beaming Brown and Beaming black liners.

Prescriptives has blown me away with this one.  I find myself wanting it all! How are you feeling about this one?

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  1. It makes me sad that Prescriptives is going under! That is, by far, one of their best collections. Hands down.

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