Four Degrees of Microdermabrasion: Pt. 1

Today’s topic is microdermabrasion and let me say that I am a microdermabrasion fiend. I prefer stronger products, the ones that make me feel like I’m sand-blasting on my face (not literally, you know what I mean, right?). Before you tell me too much is bad for my skin, I’m completely aware of this. I do this about once a week, twice if I want to feel really pretty. 🙂 My desire to try new micro-dermabrasion products is endless, unfortunately my funds are not. Wouldn’t it be great if they weren’t? I have managed to gather a few different options at different price ranges to share with you though.

Purelypolished Pond’s Purely Polished Micro-Dermabrasion Anti-Aging Kit is the least expensive option out of the four products I tried. When I saw it’s applicator, I was pretty excited about using this product. I was hoping for the best due to it’s price alone but when I started using this, it seemed more suitable as an exfoliant than micro-dermabrasion. Sure, it does do a little something but it lacks the oomph I was looking for. The texture of this product seemed really week and I was really disappointed with this. I guess you get what you pay for though. Instead of using this as it was intended to be used, I put in my shower to use as an exfoliant. At least this way I get some use out of it.

4 thoughts on “Four Degrees of Microdermabrasion: Pt. 1”

  1. The best thing to me about the Mary Kay serum (step 2) is that it seems like your face is softer than if you do just the first step…. it’s like it smooths everything out. Then again, I also really like the Day solution that MK has because it seems to smooth out my face before I put on foundation, and it’s a similar feel. So that could be why I like the microderm step 2 🙂

    I haven’t used my microderm as much as I want to – I see it sitting there and think, Oh, I should take the time… and then I don’t. Heh, I am lucky to just wash my face some days LOL!

  2. I am a fiend for microdermabrasion too. I haven’t used any of these that you have, but I will get a post in the lineup of the ones I have tried. So much better than a plain ol scrub. 🙂

  3. Why do you like micro-dermabrasion so much? What does it do for your skin? Does it rub away acne scars? If it doesn’t then do you know what does? Since that is my main skin problem these days. Thanx!

  4. I also love the Mary Kay MDB but then again, I love almost every MK product I’ve tried! I always use the 2nd step to refine my face after using the MDB. You really should use it and then use your regular moisturizer on top of it. It completes the whole MDB process and using it with your moisturizer will make your face feel AMAZING!

    MDB really isn’t bad for your skin. You don’t want to do it anymore than every 3 days. I use it once a week during the winter and 2 times a week during the summer. I know it sounds cheesy but ever since using the entire MK Timewise line, I have gotten so many compliments on my complexion. MDB really is the food of the Gods and Goddesses!

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