Pixi Smokey Eye Wand

I want to focus on drugstore lines more than I have so in an effort to do that, this weekend I ran around to different drug stores looking for interesting products to discuss. So far my favorite is one I found at Target. It’s a bit higher up on the totem pole price wise from the other brands but it’s worth looking at.

pixi-smokey-eye-wand Pixi’s Smokey Eye Wand is an eyeshadow wand to help you achieve that sought after smokey eye look. The wand comes with a sponge tip applicator at the top and when you take off the cap, the tip is loaded with eyeshadow in Black Silver. You just twist the cap back on to load it up with more eyeshadow. Handy, don’t you think?

The sponge tip applicator is a little larger than I expected but it’s a good size to lay down eyeshadow on the lid and still fit into the contour of the crease. The pigment in the eyeshadow is nice as well and when you pack on the color, the effect is gorgeous.

Pixi’s Smokey Eye Wand does require some assistance though when it comes to perfecting your look.  You may need to do a little blending with a tapered brush since the sponge tip applicator really isn’t ideal for that. There’s also some fallout to deal with but chances are if you’re doing a smokey eye, you’re able to take the time to clean up the fall out and deal with the extra blending.

Overall, this is a product I will keep close by. It would be even better if Pixi made more Eye Wands in different shades, picture a black with metalic green or blue reflects. How hot would that be?

How do you create your smokey eye? What are your favorite products to work with?

One thought on “Pixi Smokey Eye Wand”

  1. As a long-time beauty reviewer, I try products in all price points, but the truth is, more expensive is not always better. Some of the drug store and budget-minded brands have produced my “can’t-live-without” best beauty finds. Thanks so much for posting this review of Pixi.

    ….but I am so tired of the smouldering, smoky eye look…so hard to really perfect for the average woman. Does anyone else wish it would be banished, forever?

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