Sometimes I Wear Fuchsia Streaks in My Hair

Emphasis on the sometimes. If there’s one thing I FEAR it is hair dye (in my hair). I’m not sure how this phobia was introduced — as I had a regular relationship with a colorist in college every 6 weeks. I did it all — nearly black (forever locked into photographic evidence all over my in-laws walls because I had just gotten it done before my bro in-law’s wedding), so highlighted it was nearly blonde and even a dash of red. The latter was an unfortunate DIY accident when I was a teenager, but still. I quit the dye cold turkey about seven years ago and have really grown to love my natural color.*

So when I felt myself wanting to sport a peek of color in my locks, I knew it had to be temporary. Think of bright hair streaks as this year’s hair feather. Beyond my own dye-phobia, extensions are the way to go as these trends seem to be fleeting. And do I ever have a temporary option….

Milani Hair Funky Color Streaks!

They are unbelievably easy to use, they snap in like a barrette and stay in place. They are made from human hair, and feel really soft. They look as real as fuchsia hair can possibly look. For $14.99 (love the price), you get two 20 inch-long, one-inch wide, bright fuchsia extensions (or whatever color you fancy — blue, red, green or purple). Being the conservative one with my hair color these days, it’s totally fun to throw some color in there.

Available at Milani Hair.

*At the first sight of grey, all of this will change!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wear Fuchsia Streaks in My Hair”

  1. Blonde color looks elegant on hair. Colorful streaks are in trend, it gives the cool look and its really easy to use. The fuchsia streaks you are wearing in your hair is looking very pretty.
    Beauty Contagious

  2. I love Milani Hair extensions. I bought some a few months ago and I can’t live without them.

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