New! Philosophy's Unconditional Love Fragrance

Are you a Philosophy girl? I don’t know about you but I definitely am, I’m a big fan of their fragrances. I especially love Amazing Grace and Pure Grace, they are my “pick me up” fragrances. 🙂 Now Philosophy has introduced their new fragrance “Unconditional Love“.


It’s you’re looking for something a little sweeter than the other Grace fragrances, give Philosophy’s Unconditional Love a try. The fragrance features black currant as the heart, complimented with bulgarian rose and white lily then the dry down features woody notes with a cashmere vanilla base. It all comes together rather nicely. I can’t really detect the rose and lily notes in the fragrance but the black currant is very prominent here. The end result is a sweet, musky fragrance.

On their own, the staying power of the Unconditional Love 3-in-1 shower gel and the Unconditional Love spray leaves a little to be desired but it’s the same as with their other fragrances. It’s really when you layer the fragrance with the Unconditional Love body lotion that you really achieve a long lasting, lingering scent. I can’t wait until Philosophy starts putting out more products in this fragrance collection for even more layering! 🙂

2 thoughts on “New! Philosophy's Unconditional Love Fragrance”

  1. Love, love love philosophy fragrances. I am crushin on this unconditional love. Like all their fragrances it is very clean and light.

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