Shop Pink: Philosophy’s Shower For the Cure Shower Gel

philosophy-shower-for-the-cure-shower-gel Have you shopped pink in October yet? We haven’t either but that’s ok! We’re still in time and there are plenty of Pink products out there worth picking up to support the cause. We’ll be talking about these products from here on out for the month of October.

Here’s a product to get you off to a good start…

Philosophy’s Shower for the Cure Shower Gel will help get you get in a charitable mood from the moment you step into the shower. Every year Philosophy releases this shower gel and 100% of the net proceeds from this product are donated to the Women’s Cancer Research Fund. This shower gel’s scent is very different from the line’s infamous Amazing Grace or themed shower gels, this is a much stronger floral. Like the line’s other shower gels, this shower gel is also a shampoo and bubble bath.

In addition to the Shower for the Cure shower gel, Philosophy has also released She Colors My Day Bubble Bath and the She Colors My Day Duo.

This release also benefits the Women’s Cancer Research Fund. It was inspired by Philosophy founder Cristina Carlino’s daughter’s artwork and celebrates the special relationship between mother and daughter. The bubble bath features a clean, fresh scent and the duo includes a special keepsake gift and a sketch book. Check out the She Colors My Day website to create your own slideshow and to download the special She Colors My Day single written by Cristina Carlino and Stuart Mathis and performed by Amy Grant.

Check back with us next week as we’ll be giving away one of these very special Philosophy Shower for the Cure Shower Gels!