Philosophy Going Coconuts Shower Gel Set

Even though we’ve been seeing summer collections for a little while now, I’m only now starting to wrap my head around the idea that summer will be here before I know it. This weekend I found the Philosophy Going Coconuts Shower Gel set and it is actually making me long for summer… which is huge for a gal who loathes the heat.

My favorite summer scent is coconut and this set has 3  shampoo, shower gel and bubble baths in scents that smell absolutely delicious. There is Lime Coconut, Orange Coconut and my personal favorite Pineapple Coconut, which is also sold separately. From the moment I smelled the Pineapple Coconut shower gel, I had visions of tropical outdoor showers floating around in my head. That is when I knew, this set just had to be mine. :)

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2 Responses to “Philosophy Going Coconuts Shower Gel Set”

  1. Elle Sees says:

    Coconut is MY FAVE. Oh how I want these!

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