To Give is To Receive

Philosophy has released some new gift sets that are perfect to give for any occasion. In my family, we’ve given gift sets to each other and others for a few years now so I always love hearing about new gift sets they release.

Philosophy's Congratulations Bubbly Shower Gel A little Bubbly is a great way to say “Congratulations” to someone. For $20 you get a huge 24 oz. bottle of this bubble bath and shower gel scent. It’s somewhat new, it hasn’t been around too long. The scent smells great though, it’s like sipping on a Mimosa at brunch. There’s champagne and a little citrus scent add to this shower gel as well. For me, this makes it a great morning scent… something I can wake up to.

Philosophy's Just Because Gift Set Ever give a gift for no reason at all? If so, you may want to take a look at the new Just Because gift set. For $30.00 you get 6 oz. bottles of bubble bath and shower gel in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. While the White Chocolate smells a bit more like hazelnut, the Milk and Dark Chocolate ones do not disappoint. They are creamy and give you a nice lather. For those gals who stick to the Philosophy staples like Amazing and Pure Grace, this would be a good set to try out. I was one of those gals until recently. smiley

Philosophy's Thank You Gift Set Then of course there is the gift set containing Philosophy’s best selling and staple bubble bath and shower gels, Amazing Grace and Pure Grace. The Thank You gift set includes 8 oz. bottles in each set for $25. If you’re not familiar with these scents, Amazing Grace is a very soft floral and Pure Grace is a very soft, clean, soapy scent. Also, Pure Grace is a shower cream so it’s going to moisturize your skin a bit more and you wouldn’t want to use this on your hair. This gift set is a great way to convert your friends and family into Philosophy girls as well. For Christmas, I gave my boss an Amazing Grace soap duo, I think this year I’ll go for these shower gels.