Petit Vour Luxury Vegan Beauty Box

Contents of My First Petit Vour Beauty Box
Contents of My First Petit Vour Beauty Box

Part of the problem with developing an interest in green beauty is its price point. For some, the price tag for some products puts them simply out of reach. That is definitely an issue for me with a few products I have been eyeing. This is part of the reason why I signed up for Petit Vour, a vegan and cruelty free monthly beauty box. It’s a chance to try some of the newest in green beauty while keeping my budget in mind… the other reason is I just like receiving goodies in the mail. 😉

For $15 a month (other subscription pricing is available as well), you receive a box with four to five samples from up and coming brands in the green beauty world. You pay at the beginning of the month and your box is shipped mid-month. Petit Vour also lets you earn points much like other subscription boxes that you can redeem in their shop. The big draw for me was seeing the list of brands they are working with, most of the brands I have on my radar right now.

My box took about two weeks to reach me, which was a bit of a disappointment but it is very possible that the holidays had a lot to do with it. I let that go and will re-evaluate with my second box shipping later this month. Once I finally received my box, I was a happy gal… I had a gorgeous, vampy full sized nail polish, a new deodorant to try, a matte peach blush and a sample of a serum from a brand that was new to me. I didn’t receive a 5th product but I assumed the blush was full sized so I considered this fair.

Here’s what was inside my box:

My favorite discovery in this box was the Trust Fund Beauty nail polish, the shade just slayed me and has been on my nails ever since. I have had my eye on this brand and couldn’t wait to try their formula. The good news is the formula is nice, flowed easily onto the nail and has the perfect consistency to it. It also wears really, really well. I painted my nails on the 28th and have only minor tip wear. Bad news? None!

I’m also a fan of Meow Meow Tweet Deoderant Cream in Lavender. I have never used a natural deodorant before and I expected it to not be effective. I was pleasantly surprised when it lasted all day and didn’t irritate my under arms, this seems to happen when I try something new. The smell is very strong in the jar (which I liked) but when applied, you forget all about it. It won’t take away from any perfume you may be wearing. This could just be my gateway product into Meow Meow Tweet.

The blush from Everyday Minerals is a plain matte peach blush. Nothing earth shattering or remarkable about it to me. It is not listed on their website so I’m not sure if it is a discontinued shade or one just about to be launched. Either way, I’m giving this blush a home.

Last but not least is the serum from Blissoma. The packaging for this sample is all wrong but what is inside the bottle seems promising. It comes in a small bottle with an eyedropper with enough product for a few weeks. Unfortunately the consistency of the serum doesn’t work with the dropper but that problem is easily solved with the help of some cotton swabs. My skin has been raging lately and in the three days I have used this serum, I’ve seen a reduction in the redness in my skin along my jawline – my main area of concern. It absorbs quickly without leaving skin feel greasy and soothes skin immediately. I’m curious to see what continued use will do for my skin, I’m encouraged!

So there you have it, the contents of my first Petit Vour box. I’m excited to see what my second box brings me and I hope it doesn’t take two weeks to get to me. I’ll let you know how that does. Have you tried Petit Vour? What did you think? How long did your box take to get to you? Let’s hash this out. 🙂

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    1. Hi Kaolee! That was my thought too. 🙂 I believe they start shipping January’s box next week so if you sign up now, I think you’re still in time.

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