Shop for Your Perfume at Parfum Europa

Remember this perfume? Just looking at this bottle brings me back. It reminds me of middle school and getting ready in the morning with this bottle on my dresser. That and maybe Navy, remember that perfume? While some of our old school fragrances are long gone from drugstore and department store shelves, that does not mean that they are gone for good. Some of my all time favorite fragrances are only found through e-tailers like Parfum Europa. My Borghese’s Il Bacio and Cabotine de Gres beloveds are both found there along with other men’s and women’s perfume.

It is not just about those older, harder to find fragrances at Parfum Europa, they also carry fragrances like Flowerbomb and Cashmere Mist (retail best sellers!) at more competitive prices…just price out Cashmere Mist with a competitor to see what I mean. Check out Parfum Europa’s specials and their BOGO promotion for even more savings. They also give free shipping with a $65 purchase! Take a look at their website and order yourself something that smells delicious.

4 thoughts on “Shop for Your Perfume at Parfum Europa”

  1. Oh my goodness… total flashback moment! I have not seen or thought of this perfume since middle school either. How funny… not exactly my glory days! haha… wow, it would be interesting to give it a whiff now that I’m 30 😉

  2. I do remember the perfume !! I purchased mine at Kroger when the family did a weekly grocery shopping trip. You know back when you could fill up the back of a 14 ft Cutlass with only ˆ) dollrs worth of groceries

    However, I remember the name of the perfume to be Touche’… cant find it ANYWHERE When I first saw exclamation I thought I had STRUCK GOLD!! its not the same or is it??

    btw GEE YOUR HAIR SMELLS TERRIFIC should have never been taken off the markey.
    Wish they would bring it back!

    I want to ask….You mentioned Tarte mascara in many of your bloggs. I have worn Lancome definicils for decades change then always go back How does tarte compare to lancome?

    I enjoy reading your blogs. I can almost see you sit down for a minute blogg a quick line or two then grab a beautiful tote and throw a scarf around you neck while you are whisking out to catch a flight of course with the short ptstop by the mailbox in hopes that your Birchbox will soon be there.

    You are super cute with your expressions.

    Keep them coming..

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