Our "Guess That Lotion" is Revealed!

Remember reading about the new lotion we were testing a little while ago? That lotion is finally revealed and it is Vaseline’s new and improved Total Moisture! This lotion comes in a range of formulas that can give you just the right amount of moisture your skin needs. If you’re like Goldilocks looking for a body lotion that was just right, Vaseline would have you covered.

If I had to guess, I think I tested the light formula and for me it was just right… the formula I tested was not revealed to me. I admitted that I’ve never been one to slather myself in body lotion, my skin has just never needed it in the past and I cannot deal with the feeling of it all over me as it dries. Although lately I have noticed that my skin’s level of hydration has slowly been decreasing and that a little lotion is not such a bad thing. I’m turning 34 this year so it must have someone to do with aging! 😉

Since my needs have changed, the light formula (or what I believe to be the light formula) was perfect for me. I adored how quickly it sank into my skin and put it at ease. I didn’t use it all over my body, just my arms and legs, and it took care of my areas of concern: knees and elbows.

My thanks to Aimee, Ann, Hope, Lindsay and Ravi who played Guess That Lotion along with me! They also had the chance to test the lotion along with me. I’m not sure if we all tested the same formula but the general consensus is that we all like this new Vaseline Total Moisture.

Now to drop a little science on you and let you know what makes up this lotion… Glycerol Quat is a new molecule discovered by Unilever that helps deliver moisture to the very top layer of the skin’s surface and helps bind more water than glycerin. Then glycerin, which delivers immediate and long-lasting moisture to the outermost layer of the epidermis. Finally there is Hydroxyethyl Urea, which holds moisture in the deep down layer of the surface skin.

Stay tuned for a Vaseline Total Moisture giveaway, we want you to experience this lotion for yourself! Until then, you can find Vaseline’s Total Moisture in stores now in 3 oz. ($1.99), 10 oz. ($3.99), 20.3 oz. ($6.99) and 32 oz. ($7.79) sizes.

Disclosure: This was a sponsored posts but all opinions are my own and true.

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