Orlane Tries to Coax the Fighter Out of Me

Orlane kindly reminded me that aging begins to settle in at age 25, but doesn’t rear it’s head until ages 35-40. Great, should I set an Outlook calendar reminder? Rather than deny the inevitable, Orlane’s solution is to fight it with Anagenese 25+ First Time-Fighting Care Eye Contour. I am 100 percent on board with this mentality and have been lathering my face in creams and serums since my early 20s (about the time I realized I wasn’t going to look 20 years old forever). But, I’m not totally on board with this product. And I’ll tell you why.

Orlane’s Eye Contour is just OK. At $85, it’s more expensive than many eye creams but it certainly isn’t at the highest end. I actually think this price point would be acceptable to me if the product performed better. I have incredibly high standards for eye creams and I’m also biased towards actual creams because I think they provide more moisture. The consistency of this is like a watery serum and I find it easy to waste product when you squeeze it out of the tube. It also doesn’t provide enough moisture. And even though I know it’s chock full of great ingredients to help fight aging, it just didn’t wow me.

While I won’t be sticking with the Orlane, I will keep on fighting…and delaying those pesky signs of aging!

Disclosure: We received a sample size of this product