OPI Silver Shatter & No More Acrylic Nails for Me!

I have to confess something. I did something very stupid, ladies. I got a set of acrylic nails put on. I got tired of the horrendous bends and dips in my nails and wanted them to look perfect. That’s not too much to ask, is it? While they looked good initially, my nails are now acrylic free after soaking them in 20 minutes of acetone and filing them to within an inch of their life last night. They are in a very sad, paper thin state right now so for now, I want to remember my faux-nails as they were before the great soak off. Right now they are tender and sensitive to almost everything. I will never put on another set of acrylic nails again in my life.

Their last acceptable state was with OPI’s Silver Shatter with Don’t Know… Beets Me underneath. I LOVE the shade underneath, it is fantastic for summer. I scored a lot of compliments with this shade on my tips. I like the contrast between the magenta and the silver so Silver Shatter went on top. I like the way Silver Shatter applied. I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen’s gold equivalent and it was very thin and barely cracked at all. Silver Shatter has a much better application. It has a wider brush and a thicker formula but it applies evenly if you work quickly. I wish it cracked a little more but at that time, I was happy with the results. I’m now shatter/crackle obsessed. I am trying to hunt down OPI’s Turquoise Shatter and have the China Glaze Crackle Metals to show you soon.

Right now I have a couple coats of Perfect Formula’s Gel Coat Strengthener from QVC on my nails but I feel like I’m not doing enough. What do you turn to when your nails are in need of a SOS? I’d love to hear suggestions from you, I need your help! Not being a nail gal has me at a disadvantage here. My gal Bren at So Much Pretty suggested Seche Vite Rebuild.

5 thoughts on “OPI Silver Shatter & No More Acrylic Nails for Me!”

    1. Hey Ashley! 7 months? OMG, I really hope it won’t take me that long. Last night I just chopped them all down to the nubs so they are all even. Glad I gave you an idea though. 🙂

  1. I have terribly weak nails that go to pot if I even paint them. All of the nail strengtheners that are painted on actually make mine worse. I would suggest a strengthener that you rub in such as Barielle or a good nail/cuticle oil. My nails are just now recovering from a February polish frenzy. When will I learn?

  2. Esmalte Endurecedor para Unas. It’s the most amazing nail hardener. Made my nails healthy and strong after 2 years of problems. If you can’t find it locally, you can find it on ebay. Just search for “Nail Hardener” and look down the pictures (they rarely put the name in right). It has a dark green cap.

  3. This photo made me run out looking for Silver Shatter! Couldn’t find it anywhere, so I ended up with Fractured Foil, the new silver Crackle Overcoat by Sally Hansen. I’m wearing it over Big Spender by Essie and I absolutely love it!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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