Just Another Mani Monday: OPI Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow

This week’s manicure features an oldie but goodie, Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow, from OPI’s Fall 2009 Espana Collection. I was in the mood for a murky color to match my mood, and after many weeks of dark purples this season, I opted for green. Which is ironic, considering part of my dismal mood was because my Chicago Bears lost out on a chance to go to the Superbowl yesterday. Ugh, and to the Green Bay Packers. To add to the irony, I’m from Wisconsin originally and you know, cheeseheads up there are cra-zy! I’m officially a “traitor.” But I do love this green. One coat looks like sheer seaweed, but two-three is a deep mossy green.

And while I tried my best, my poor hands are feeling the negative effects of winter. They do OK in the moment when I’m oiling them up, but once I expose them to the winter air, all hope is lost. I’m sure that most can sympathize with that right about now. Except those in LA. Why do you get all the nice weather? I’m certainly living in the wrong place!

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