What's the Story with One Love Organics Morning Glory?

Five days each week, an alarm clock ensures I wake up bright and early — whether I want to be or not. And after we get through with that never fun part of the day, One Love Organics Morning Glory Serum wakes my complexion up. You could say it’s the highlight of my morning. While this delicious serum works any time of day, the ingredients are truly made to wake up your skin and draw out your natural radiance. Whenever I use this, I feel ready to conquer the day. It sinks into the skin very quickly, making it very easy to follow-up with moisturizer and sunscreen.


Let’s break Morning Glory down. Very few ingredients, all with a very focused job description. First, Organic Wild Raspberry Leaf, which is a natural source of polypeptides, tannins and niacin that work stimulate, tighten and tone the skin. Peppermint and lemon balm deliver a zing of anti-inflammatory antioxidants to de-puff and brighten the skin. From there, we have essential oils of ylang ylang and vegan-sourced Omega 3 fatty acids to help smooth the appearance of fine lines.

Kind of phenomenal, right? It’s like a secret weapon, but way too good of a secret to keep to myself. You can find it at One Love Organics for $48.