No Almond Kisses From Me

One of the things I have the most of is lip balms… I have way, way, way too many of those. This particular one I picked up last Sunday and it was love at first sniff, that is until I tried it.

on10 Hershey's Almond Lip Balm I was sucked in by the Dr. Pepper lip balms by the cash register but since I have a strong bond with my Lipsmacker, I decided to give another scent/flavor a try. I settled on on10’s Hershey’s Almond Lip Balm with SPF 15. It will suck you in with it’s rich almond scent, it’s like biting into marzipan it’s so rich. As I went to use this, I was really disappointed with it’s consistency though. I was hoping for something thick and emollient and instead I got something thin and hardly soothing. For the person who prefers their lip balms on the thinner side, this lip balm may be a great match for you but not so much for me. I like my mine to have some heft to it, something to remind my lips are being soothed and moisturized.

Sadly, I ended up returning this lip balm last night. It’s possible that the other lip balms may be more to my liking. The Dr. Pepper one comes in a tube so maybe it has a different consistency but I think I’ll be off this brand for awhile.

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