What's in My October Birchbox

My Birchbox came while I was out of the country, so it was a welcome surprise to come home to a special delivery. I think it caught the attention of my neighbor, who picked up our mail for us. I told him he needs to order it up for his girlfriend! I thought I’d share with you the contents of my October Birchbox. This was an especially awesome month, I thought!

  • Befine Lip Serum. An uber-hydrating, vitamin-rich lip serum to heel crackewd lips and smooth them out. The scent is an interesting combo of Chamomile & Beets, and this is the perfect prep for a deep fall lip color! I woke up to the softest lips imaginable after using this. The sample is a big one too, bet it will last awhile!
  • blinc Mascara. I’ve used this before, and seeing it in my box reminded me how awesome it is. I like tubing mascaras (even though removing it makes me feel like all my lashes are falling out!), and this one is the original.
  • Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea Facial Mask. A purifying mask, loaded with antioxidants. I like this, and I’ll get several uses from this tube!
  • Orofluido Beauty Elixir. Perhaps my favorite item in the box! Hair oils excite me, and the amber/vanilla sent is phenom.
  • Tea Forte Minteas. This was an extra, and the Lime Mojito flavor is delish. Reminds me of the Mojito Mint Orbit gum that I loved so much. A definite purse special:)

What did everyone get in their Birchboxes? Do tell!

11 thoughts on “What's in My October Birchbox”

  1. I haven’t gotten mine yet. Everything you listed sounds really great. I hope I get the same stuff – I was really disappointed by September, which was my first box.

  2. I got the same products. I love the lip serum and the mints. Thanks for reminding me about tube mascara I too felt like I was losing my eye lashes though I loved the mascara.

  3. So strange! mine was totally different. I got a stila Eyeshadow refill but no compact which was kinda weird. Korres Body Butter which is AMAZING. Totally agree with you on blinc Mascara – completely freaks me out to take it off. The Laundress Delicate Wash (again, random). Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream which I cannot wait to try.

  4. It’s interesting that people get different items. Mine is exactly the same as yours though. I’m just a tad worried about the scents in some of the products.

  5. My box was so different! I wish I could change my profile settings so I’d get what I’m craving, as I always seem to prefer yours to mine! I got: Pangea Mask, Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara (would have LOVED to try the Blinc one), Laura Geller Spackle Primer in Bronze, samples of AHAVA Foot Cream and AHAVA Mineral Bath Salt in Juniper (but I don’t have a tub!)

  6. I’ve been so bummed by my last few boxes, and then when I see what everyone else got I have to wonder wtf? I do wish you could at least indicate your category preferences–I usually end up giving what I get away.

  7. I got the Laura Geller Spackle Primer in Bronze, but can’t use it, as I am severely allergic to aloe, so I will have to give it away. I also received the Orofluido Elixer, a BeFine Lip Exfoliator, Caudelie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream, and two samples each of Oribe Beautiful Color Shampoo and Conditioner. Interestingly enough, I actually got Blinc Mascara in my September box, which was my first Birchbox.

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