I'm Obsessed! With OCC Lip Tars

I definitely was not an A student in art class growing up. You may think that’s counter-intuitive since as an adult I’m all about mixing colors and creating makeup magic. Somehow, I don’t think my art teachers tapped into my inner creativity. Had they just told me to create the perfect lipstick at age 8, I know I would have been able to make that happen. Screw paper-mache!

Luckily, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is there to indulge my inner art student. Not only are there limitless possibilities, the outcome is always an obsessively long-wearing lip creation. Carla has created some insanely flattering shades before (see her mixing magic here), but I decided to take some recent shades out for a spin. Tone, a slightly greyed mauve/pink from the spring/summer 2011 collection, and Strutter, a deep mahogany red released last fall.

Mixed together, Tone and Strutter created a guava stain that is so flattering. No modesty here, that shade looks good on. Honestly,  I love it that much more because, well, I custom made it! And to boot, Lip Tars are 100% vegan and free of parabens and other harsh preservatives. They also contain peppermint oil and Vitamin E — a built-in breath mint and inherent moisturizing properties.

The real beauty of OCC Lip Tars is the fun you have making these. I think it’d be fun to grab some plastic containers, some lip tars and invite some girlfriends over for some fun! Sounds like I just planned my next girl’s night in, doesn’t it?

6 thoughts on “I'm Obsessed! With OCC Lip Tars”

    1. PP, They are incredibly long lasting — almost turn from a satin/matte lipstick to a stain over the course of the day. They are not drying, however, I like to refresh every now and then with balm!

  1. A lot of girls on Youtube keep on mentioning the OCC lip tars. I’ve always wondered how good these products are. I love mixing with colors…lol… kinda reminds me of art class.

    1. Reena, you should try at least one of them. There are some ready to wear shades and then there are the shades made for mixing with others… like the green, who would wear that on its own? They really are THAT good.

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