Glitter to Go

The only time I usually will wear any type of glitter is when I am in Las Vegas, because as we all know, anything goes there. Otherwise, I am not a huge glitter girl.

NYX Cosmetics Glitter on the Go NYX Cosmetics has a line of Glitter called, Glitter on the Go. It is a small cube of loose glitter that comes in a myriad of pretty colors. I tried out the Fuschia color. I put a bit on my arms and d├ęcolletage on a very daring night out in the LA area. The glitter stayed well put and added a cool sheen to my body.

The only gripe I would have is the bottle and the way it is packaged. It is not very user friendly in that the glitter is loose and gets everywhere. But for the miniscule price of $5.00/bottle, you can’t complain too much. You can apply it to your hair, face and body. NYX cosmetics are made for the girl who loves to rule the night life. Contrary to their initials, NYX cosmetics are Los Angeles based and are quality products at affordable prices.