Ten or Less Thursday: NYX Cosmetics 10-Color Palettes

I’m rather stubborn about some things. You may know I hate ordering things online. These NYX Cosmetics 10-Color Palettes came out quite awhile ago but the stores in my area did not carry them for the longest time so I dug in my heels and didn’t order even though I really wanted to try them. A few months ago my local Ulta got them in and we’ve been happy together ever since… wish I wasn’t so stubborn about these things sometimes. 😉

I picked up two palettes: the Runway collection and Smokey Eyes palettes and for the price, they can’t be beat. Each palette has 10 eye shadows that are well pigmented (I don’t think I’ve tried a NYX eyeshadow that wasn’t), easy to blend and soft! I was a little shocked at how soft they were when I first swatched them, I didn’t remember them being that way. What’s amazing about these palettes is that you can create so many looks with them. Even with the Smokey Eyes palette, there are a few shades that would be great for a grey neutral eye (I’m obsessed with grey eye shadows in case you didn’t know)… and same goes for the Runway Collection palette.

Here are some swatches of both palettes to give you a little idea of what these look like:

Here are swatches from the Smokey Eyes palette as they appear in the palette.

Here are swatches for the Runway Collection palette as they appear in the palette.

If you love neutral and smokey eyes, you need both of these palettes in your makeup arsenal, you really do! The amount and quality of product you get in each palette for the price just can’t be beat. Even though these palettes are affordable, I have to keep them hidden! I’ve been staying with family for the last month and if these palettes are in view, my teenage little sister will steal them from me.

Have you tried these NYX palettes? What did you think? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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  1. I love these! I use them almost every day. For some reason I prefer palettes, I don’t have time to think about my makeup in the morning and palettes make it so much easier for me! I tend to grab these more often that my MAC lately!

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